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Welcome to the all new "This is Hunting UK" Website

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Firstly may I offer a very warm welcome to the all new This is Hunting UK website which on behalf of our Committee I hope you will find to be of great interest. Hunting is a subject which raises great emotions and passions and it is for this precise reason that our organisation has now been formed. There are many who either live in a rural or urban world who believe that the legislation that was introduced to ban hunting was nothing but an vindictive attack on normal everyday law abiding members of the British Public, it is for this very reason that a group of us decided to pull together and demonstrate why Hunting is still and always will be such an important part of everyday rural life.
"This is Hunting UK" are a group of like minded people from every conceivable angle of society imaginable, from every different background imaginable who are keen to offer the British Public every opportunity of finding out about Hunting along with the inner detail as to why it is such a fascinating and all absorbing subject. The utmost respect the true Hunting Man has for the Quarry Species, be it Fox, Deer or Hare, to the Hounds in his care and their breeding which in the large majority of cases can be traced back to the early 1800's is certainly worthy of taking serious note. This alone makes it a subject not to be cast aside as an insignificance. It is far greater and far more important than that.
This Site will be dedicated to bringing you the latest news and information from the Hunting World. We will keep you updated as to which Shows we will be attending, in order for you to have every opportunity to come and Meet us and discuss our plans for the future. 
Each and every one of us will be delighted to help you with any enquiries you may have. It is important for you to know that This is Hunting UK has not been set up in competition to any of the existing Countryside Organisations. We are there to be working with them and alongside all of them as our Mission Statement clearly emphasises below.
May we wish you a most enjoyable and successful Summer and we certainly look forward to meeting old friends again and indeed new. Please be assured from whatever part of the UK you may come, you will be offered a very warm welcome.
Best Wishes
James Barclay
Chairman This is Hunting UK


Mission Statement

"This is Hunting UK is a group of Rural and Urban people who are dedicated to promoting the conservation, cultural, social and financial benefits that hunting provides. We aim to give the public and other interested parties all the information they require to understand more about the subject whilst at the same time pro-actively supporting the other Rural Organisations and Hunting Associations. This is Hunting UK recognises that there are ever increasing threats to hunting with hounds but believes that, by working in a united way, not only can a lot be achieved in putting a positive message across, a greater understanding of our activities will come from it". For more information on This is Hunting UK please feel free to go to the Website www.thisishuntinguk.co.uk or our Facebook Page. Alternatively please feel free to contact Michelle Hudson on michelle@thisishuntinguk.co.uk Offers of help will be most gratefully received.